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The Little Deer

Frida Kahlo

The Little Deer - Frida Kahlo -

Title:The Little Deer
Painted by:Frida Kahlo

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well i would like to say that one of my favrote paintings is this one because it really sbows how she felt about life.
the little deer
Posted by karlis on 20.April 2009, 21:02

can anybody please enjoy life cause its way shorter and way more valueble then many of us might think, cherish every minute and every hour of it. and even when it storms, even when its raining light will come, love wil overcome. be grateful, not by praying not by giving. by loving, by enjoying, before its too late. I was too late.
something a little different
Posted by marjory on 26.February 2010, 16:08

Its very interesting

Posted by Micayla on 27.May 2010, 16:20

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